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I would like to inform you of a new project that I have been developing with several associates from Asia.  It is called, "The Face of Luxury."  The project aims to explore the deep culture concept of Face in China and its relation to image management and brands.  Check it out.

Do you want a weekly dose of inspiration leading to innovation? Here is Springwise, just the ticket for you; a regular infusion of smart ideas from around the globe.  Learn what marketers and visionary businesses are doing, not only to define their brand, but also to better service the shopper, visitor, or client.

The Retail Design Institute (formerly the Institute of Store Planners) is the only international professional society totally dedicated to the challenges and rewards of retail store planning and design. Professional society is committed to developing creative, competent retail design professionals to meet the needs of the ever-changing landscape of retailing.

The Association for Retail Environments member companies offer a full range of products and services for retail environments, and include store fixture suppliers, retail design firms, suppliers of visual merchandising products, and suppliers of materials and equipment for the retail environments industry.

The National Retail Federation is the world's largest retail trade association, with membership that comprises all retail formats and channels of distribution including department, specialty, discount, catalog, Internet, independent stores, chain restaurants, drug stores and grocery stores as well as the industry's key trading partners of retail goods and services.

John Kotter has made it his business to study both the success and failure in change initiatives in business.  His eight phases of change made a profound impact on Jerry Gelsomino during his Masters studies and he wants to offer you this link as a starting point to understand more about change.

Read the opinions of thought-leaders on todays issues about retail on RetailWire.  I am a regular contributor to this blog.

If you would like to participate in a blog discussion about retail in India, check out my friend Rajesh V's website, An Indian and a Retailer.

Recommended Reading

Setting the Table by Danny Meyer - Harper Collins Books
The book sets new standards for how to treat your customer.  Forget that it is written by a successful restaurateur; think about all the ways you can interpret going out of your way for customers to turn them into promoters of your business, and this book will be a wizards tool in your hands.

The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki - Arrow Books
Forget the experts!  The masses know the right answer to solve your problems.  Mr. Surowiecki makes a controversial hypothesis about how the best and right solution is found, and backs his theories up with practical and startling examples.

The Trader Joe’s Adventure by Lew Lewis - Dearborn Trade Publishing
Learn how almost everybody’s favorite food retailer continues to win customers and whole communities over with its unique approach to business.  The potential change to the culture and method of shopping is at stake.

The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley - Currency/Doubleday Books
One of our favorite books about how to make Innovation happen.  We’ve talked to Tom Kelley about his firm, IDEO, and worked with several members of there team on joint speaking engagements and found the firm and their philosophy fascinating.  Even if you’ve read this book before, pull it out and read it again.

Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders - Crown Business  Books
The book is sub-titled, “How to Win Business and Influence Friends.”  That about sums up the results you can expect to attain by not being ruthless in business, but honest, fair and giving.  Reading this book will ignite flames of ‘do the right thing’ passion in you.

Clapton, The Autobiography by Eric Clapton - Broadway Books
The author knows or has met just about everybody in the entertainment business, and this book lets you in on how the fast track lives.  We know it is not about retail, but Mr. Clapton’s memoirs remind us that excusing abusive behavior to ourselves and our loved ones can be destructive.  Thanks heavens he has survived to continue to thrill us with his talent. It is amazing how many people in our age group have read this book.