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Posted by Jerry Gelsomino | Topic: General


1 Jul

This was a rewarding year for me as a university instructor in Hong Kong. I enjoyed sharing what I have learned throughout my career as well as learning from my students and considering their point of view. Now as the summer months are here, I've launched a project to continue my education, and would like to ask for your assistance.

Ever since I arrived in Hong Kong, my cultural curiosity has been aroused by activities of the region. Particularly, I've been drawn to behavior that can be attributed to the deep cultural philosophy of 'Face.' More specifically, considering the new materialism that seems so pervasive in Hong Kong and China, I've launched a formal study of the subject which asks, "How does the desire to gain or improve status effect Asian consumer behavior?" and "How can retailers and brand merchandisers provide the best experience for these consumers?"

Thus far, while a substantial amount of data on the topic has been gathered, much of it is contradictory to each other. Therefore, I'd like to request the opportunity to ask for your opinion about behavior observed or reported by others. The activity will at first be limited to participating in a blog, with responses solicited when a new question is asked. Eventually, it may involve focus groups, one-on-one interviews, or interactive sessions.

I hope you view this opportunity as not only a positive contribution to research, but also a unique process of deeper understanding of your own culture.

Are you interested in participating? If so, email me and I’ll start by putting you on the contact list.