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The Myth of Improving the Shopping Experience

Are current techniques to improve the shopping experience really working, or is it all marketing hype?  The accomplishments touted by authors and industry experts are challenged in this extensive study and result is a call-to-action to really make shopping easier for the customer.
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The Future of Retail in China

I've made it my business to observe the retail environment and comment where I see opportunities for improvement or new business. With the current economic climate in China, the country is bursting with potential. In this first report of my study, the most visible attributes and behavior of China is revealed.
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Rebranding Hong Kong Retail

Real estate and finance may keep the income wheels turning, but shopping is what tourists and residents alike do best in Hong Kong. Pick up any city guide to Hong Kong and flip to the prominently positioned chapter on shopping.  Here you will probably find descriptions such as insatiable shopping appetite, national pastime, and the home of temples of consumption.  Download Article

The Asian Retail Experience

Like any new arrival to Hong Kong or China, one spends much time attempting to learn the patterns of behavior of both the locals, as well as fellow expats.  Anyone in the business of serving the consuming public specifically wants to know preferences for products or services by these groups.

There are two paths to gaining this kind of information; the first being to set up a research study through one of many choices of vehicles.  The second is to go out and talk to people.  Being an independent consultant, and due to my own personal desire for varied opinions and anecdotal stories, I have used my own network for face-to-face interviews.
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Shanghai World Expo 2010

The Expo 2010 in Shanghai was China's biggest event of current times; bigger than even the most celebrated 2008 Olympics.  The reason being that more citizens of the world have an opportunity to visit and participate in the event.  Of the expected attendance figure of over 70 million, predictably most of those people spinning the entrance turnstiles will be from Mainland China.  And of those, a great number will end up coming from small towns and villages; people who haven't ventured to the many countries and exotic locales being showcased at the Expo.

For exhibitor countries, the Expo is the opportunity to tell a new audience about itself.  They have a chance to remind the attendees why their country is important to the world culturally or economically, their latest achievements, and what the future holds.  Done correctly, their demonstrations can entice the observer to visit, attend university, invest in, or just learn more about the featured nationality. (Download Article)

Regreening of Retail

We've been here before; everyone is getting on the green bandwagon.  Corporations and particularly retailers realize "green" is in a popular with consumers.  Are you ready to do your part to save the environment . . . and your business?
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Winning Strategies from Other Industries

Sometimes the best ideas are those observed from completely different industries and reinterpreted in viable actions and merchandising techniques applied to retail stores.  Here a new book by one of America's leading restaurateurs is reviewed for insight on how to better serve the retail customer.
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New Generation of Graphics

We are seeing graphics play an increasingly important role in the interior design of stores.  More than just communicating features, benefits or prices, today's signs and graphic imagery communicate fashion, promotion and corporate messages, all with a cost-effectively changeable format.
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Merchandising the Museum Color

While many merchandising experts say that 60 percent of a consumer's purchase decision is based on color - and while knowing which fashion colors are "in" can help capture the customers' interest - a direct connect between specific colors and the impulse to buy are a dotted-line relationship.  Here we review the most common reaction to popular color choices.
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Census Data quantifies that the ethnic mix of America is changing.  Is your business ready to service the changing demographic?
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Integrating Mission into Design

The success of the Museum Store is often a contributing factor to the ongoing health and growth of any museum'ss attraction and standing in the community. To be successful, these retailers are advised to incorporate the museum's mission and theme into the store design.  Here is a review of three successful museum stores that do just that.
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Perfect Retail Attraction

Within most entertainment facilities, the retail is as much of an attraction as are the rides and shows.  Here are key factors, learned from traditional stores, which theme park retailers can use to improve their merchandising and in-store marketing.
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Do shoppers have too many choices today?  To the multiplicity of options make it harder to make a decision on what product or service to buy that is right for your needs?
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Jerry Gelsomino has written over 75 articles for industry periodicals, focusing on the topics of store environmental branding and how to improve the customer experience.  Often these topics have been further developed into speeches or panel discussion at retail events. 

Following we have assembled a sampling of those papers which, while they may be supported by different firms or organizations, Jerry's commitment to creating the best shopping environment always comes through.  These are offered for your reading pleasure and thoughtful consideration.