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About Us

About FutureBest

FutureBest, is an innovative, Marketing Consultation and Brand Coaching firm, offering services to companies and individuals.

With over 37 years of retail concept development experience, we quickly grasp what motivates customers to action, and then interpret this understanding into tactics that modify current conditions to the shoppers' benefit.  FutureBest is dedicated to achieve the vision projected in media marketing for its partner companies.  While other marketers spend their time with advertising and promotion, FutureBest is focused on how to use the built-environment and staff to market a consumer product manufacturer or retailer's brand.

"Too often the message used to entice the customer to go shopping isn't delivered in the store, either by the employees or the surroundings," observes Jerry Gelsomino of FutureBest, "so there is plenty of need for attention toward completing this connection."

Marketing Consultation

A distinctive menu of service offerings include:

The Clear Vision Audit
Leveraging our experience and keen observation skills, FutureBest experiences environments from the visitors' or customers' point of view, identifying attributes which contribute to the client's desired positioning, and isolating others which conflict with branding objectives.  With the data collected, a formal report and presentation of the findings is made, which includes prioritized recommendations for change.

eTales Weekly Trend Report
We gather client and industry specific news from an array of sources and package these briefs into a customized, weekly newsletter - eTales.  The reports are distributed to your key team members with recommendations for next steps activities.

Innovation Pioneer
Acting as your business scout, FutureBest can scan the horizon for new business opportunities, define a future vision for your company and lead the effort in developing a process by which the new opportunity can be achieved.

Corporate Storyteller
We work with you to develop articles, white papers, and multi-media presentations which are intended to communicate the company's 'Brand Story' directed at client prospecting, or as a tool of internal marketing to your own staff.

Brand Coaching

FutureBest SymbolA unique approach to Brand Building:

Avoiding the often intimidating and costly techniques of the typical marketing consultant, FutureBest desires a role as a co-creator of your solutions, sharing experiences, proven techniques, and giving advice on the most effective way to further utilize your current assets.

In addition, after many years of working in collaborative situations, FutureBest has an array of talented designers, artists, strategists, contractors, and technicians who the firm can confidently recommend.

Design Outsourcing Advisory Services

Selecting and Working with the Best Creative Resources

You've determined you need to go outside for this project; maybe you don't have the necessary resources in-house, or it is an opportunity to learn from industry leaders. But how do you start the process to locate, qualify and choose the design partner that is right for your needs? And once this is accomplished, what about ongoing management of the project's schedule, budget and brand story?

With an understanding that most designers work through similar phases of work; concept, development and implementation, the client has the responsibility to set the scope, theme and set the goals which will determine the project's ultimate success.

FutureBest can facilitate improved communication between the retailer and the chosen designer.

Having managed creative services teams, both in-house and as consultants, we know the challenges faced by retailers in most attempts to upgrade their store design. FutureBest can handle the duties necessary to strategize, develop and monitor the implementation of a new identity, while maintaining a focus on your objectives and constraints. Key phases include:

  • Identify improvements needed and benefits quantified
  • Prioritize changes and develop project scope
  • Establish measurements as indicators of success
  • Prepare scope of work document for creative RFP
  • Research and identify appropriate creative candidates
  • Assemble a scorecard for creative selection
  • Monitor project progress
  • Conduct store critique and refinement negotiation
  • Prepare rollout plans to ensure consistency.